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Lyveo mainly uses natural microorganisms for the production of biotechnological products.

Faced with increasing pollution and various environmental criteria more stringent, our mission is to offer effective alternatives for all of your treatment.


The pollution from farming or industrial activity, as are collective and sewerage systems can be processed by our solutions. In industry, the discharge standards are becoming more stringent and the use of chemicals is not recommended.

All our solutions with their respective enhancer can help restore and protect naturally and effectively the environment while reducing operating costs.

Biological wastewater treatment
Grease traps, STEP, manure, micro-station ...

Biological treatment of water bodies
Lakes, Ponds, Lagoon, Golf, Pools ...

Against eutrophication and the development of vases in:


Garden Pools

Natural swimming pool

Biodegradation of organic materials and reducing the causes of noxious odors


Wastewater treatment plants
Manure, droppings
Effluents Slaughterhouse
Septic tanks
Sewage micro-station

Grease traps

Industrial composting

Industrial lagoons

Biological treatment of industrial effluents
Process water, leachate, wash water ...

Technical study for the degradation of polluting compounds in industrial effluents


Waters ruisellement
Hydrocarbon processing
industrial Surface Impoundment
Optimisation of biogas

laboratoire de recherche et développement Seakalia agréé crédit impôt recherche

The laboratory Seakalia made of doctors of microbiology, organic chemistry and phyto-chemistry allows the development of efficient formulas environmentally.
This manufacture guarantees us reliability, control and vis-a-vis independence of products.

Also, if you want to carry out R & D projects applied such as:

• Improve a step or a complete manufacturing process

Value of agricultural co-produced by the extraction of high-value molecules

Conduct comprehensive analysis of your samples

•Treat effluent using microorganisms prior to discharge into the sewage system or into the wild

Define and optimize culture conditions and physiological forcing microalgae ...


Do not hesitate to call on SEAKALIA.The means and the experience of the laboratory, will specifically address your technical issues.

By using SEAKALIA you will have a single interlocutor able to bring you a global and personalized solution.

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