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RCB 113

Organic materials biological treatment

RCB 113 was specifically developed for the treatment of industrial waters heavily charged with organic materials and fats. The presence of naturaland non-pathogens microorganisms community, selected for their ability to biodegrade organic and lipid materials is ensured.


  • Reduction of organic sludge

  • Degradation of fats and oils

  • Accelerated degradation of organic materials

  • Reducing the causes foul odors

  • Rapid establishment of the purifying biomass after shocks in sewage wastewater stations

  • Maintenance of purifying biomass during temporary stops treatment stations

  • Contribution to respect discharge standards

Product features:

No enzyme or surfactant.
Contains Bacillus and Pseudomonas.
Specific microorganisms of class 1 non-genetically modified (EFB) according to EU directive 2000/54/EC (harmless microorganisms to humans)
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We recommend the use of the Activ 113-RCB enhancer to increase the efficiency of the treatment.

RCB 113: Biological organic materials treatment
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