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NP 41

Biological treatment of nitrogen compounds

Lyveo: biological treatment of nitrogen compounds

NP 41 brings in quantities specific microorganisms selected for their ability to nitrify. This liquid product treats the nitrogen derivatives materials of industrial water and reduces soluble phosphorus.


  • Reduction of ammonia and nitrite

  • Rapid establishment of the nitrifying population after shocks and overloads

  • Maintaining the nitrifying community

  • Use in aquaculture, particularly for starting biofilters

  • Reducing the causes foul odors

  • Contribution to respect discharge standards

Product features:

No enzyme or surfactant.
Contains nitrifying strains
pH: 6-8.5
Specific microorganisms of class 1 non-genetically modified (EFB) according to EU directive 2000/54/EC (harmless microorganisms to humans)
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We recommend the use of the enhancer Activ NP-41 to increase the efficiency of the treatment.

NP 41: Biological nitrogen compounds treatment
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