Water bodies, waste water and industrial water biological treatment 

Biology at the service of the environment

The Lyveo solutions optimize biological treatment
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Our solutions improve ecosystem health and increase biodiversity


At a time when the spirits are aware of environmental issues, Lyveo allows everyone to contribute to respect the environment through efficient and simple products to use.



Our products contain a natural community of microorganisms selected for their ability to biodegrade grease, sludge and refractory compounds.
The soluble organic pollution is reduced on the whole waste or natural waters.




"These are not the most strongest that survive, not the most the most intelligent, but those who are the quickest to adapt to change."

Charles Darwin



The microorganisms selected by our research and development laboratory are present on earth for thousands years.

Their ability to adapt to change explains their performance to biodegrade organic material. These microorganisms are those of Class 1, so non-pathogenic and non-genetically modified according to the European Directive 2000/54/CE.Lyveo engages in an eco-friendly approach and helps you meet the discharge standards.


Whether in the wild in ponds, lakes or ponds in the industrial environment, sewage treatment plants or various industrial effluents, our biological solutions can naturally fight against chronic pollution, accidental or occasional pollution.


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Biological water treatment - Lyveo
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