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Biological water bodies treatment

lagoon water bodies garden pool lake pond biological treatment

BACTER Clear ensures the presence of a balanced community of naturally occurring microorganisms and non-pathogens, selected for their ability to biodegrade lipids, proteins, carbohydrates and nitrifying microorganisms selected for their ability to control the eutrophication. It allows to treat lakes, ponds, garden pond, biological swimming pool...


  • Reduction of organic sludge that accumulates in the bottom of water bodies

  • Degradation of organic matter Acceleration (BOD)

  • Reduces the occurrence of oxygen deficient sludge areas

  • Improved settling

  • Facilitates oxygenation

  • Reducing causes foul odors

  • Reduction of ammonia and nitrite

  • Maintaining the nitrifying community

  • Soluble phosphorus reduction

  • Reduction of filamentous algae

  • Converts pollution into bacterial biomass, which becomes natural healthful food for fishes and invertebrates

  • Ensures clean water without using chemicals

Product Features:

Contains a Bacillus consortium of nitrifying strains.

Without surfactant. Specific microorganisms non-GM Class 1 (EFB) according to EU directive 2000/54 / EC (harmless microorganisms to humans)

For more information, contact us.


We recommend the use of ACTIV Clear enhancer to increase the efficiency of treatment.

BACTER Clear: Biological water bodies treatment
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