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Biological treatment of organic materials

Lyveo: Biological treatment of organic materials

Liquid suspension containing microorganisms that treats organic materials and greywater use in sewage treatment plants, grease trap, industrial compost, manure, slaughterhouse, lagoons ...

  • Degradation of organic materials thanks to micro-organisms class 1, not genetically modified (EFBs), according to european directive 2000/54/EC (microorganisms harmless to humans) and selected for their ability to biodegrade lipids, proteins, hydrates carbone

  • Reduced organics sludge (BOD) 

  • Accelerated the degradation of organic materials

  • Improved settling

  • Reduces the causes foul odors

  • Greatly reduces the operations of cleaning and pumping on traps, drains, grease traps, lift pits...

  • Maintains and protects the plant and is efficiency

  • Easy application thanks to its formula liquide

  • Perfectly adapted to be applied with a peristaltic pump

  • Helps to meet discharge standards

Product features:

Contains a Bacillus consortium.
Without surfactant or GMOs.
For more information, contact us.

We recommend the use of Activ-B7 enhancer to increase the efficiency of treatment.

BACTER B7 : Waste water biological treatment
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