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Lyveo, biology at the service of the environment

Lyveo is a French company specializing in water treatment and effluent through alive microorganisms. The chemistry and biochemistry expertise of our team allows us to associate these biological solutions technical guidance on their implementation.

A wide range of applications based on natural microorganisms exist today, allowing us to degrade organic molecules to treat chronic pollution, accidental or occasional.

Biological and economic treatment for:


  • The ornamental ponds (garden ponds or natural pools)

  • Plans water (fishing, boating, golf, natural lakes)

  • Discharges from agriculture (liquid manure, manure, slaughterhouse waste)

  • Grease traps (catering)

  • Industrial effluents exceeding discharge standards (landfill leachate)

  • Sludge biodegradation and biofilters start (aquacultre)

  • The optimization of anaerobic digestion (parasite fats reduction)

  • Wastewater (septic tanks, STEP, micro-refractory)

Whatever your problem, Lyveo can help you to restore and protect effectively the natural environment while reducing operating costs.

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